As you may have noticed the episodes have not been comming out as rapidly as they were in the past.  Not to worry, we are back recording and will be releacing episodes soon.


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The live videocast will take place tonight, Bar technical difficulties. Be sure to join us at around 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM EST, 11:30 PM UST/GMT. Details in Live Feed Section

Breast Cancer Show Ever

New Episode! You all watched it! Now listen to it! ParkCast 176!

Due to Technical Difficulties, I can’t get the episode uploaded, so it will be released tomorrow.

On October 31, 2008, the ParkCast is hosting a live video cast.  More details will be released soon.

If you are a fan of the ParkCast and would like to help out Naaim and I by co-hosting an episode, please contact us via

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P.S. – if you are good we will consider you for a permeant place on the show.

The China Probrem

Semi-end of Hiatus! Episode 175 for the new episode of South Park that came out on Wednesday! Check it out!

Stay Classy, Planet Earth

Dear All,

Now that the final days of Election ’08 are coming to a close, we all need to think about who we are going to vote for or endorse.  Because we at the ParkCast are not old enough to vote we need all of the fans, that are old enough, to help us out.

As you probably have noticed, we tend to lean left in our everyday conversations.  No offense to the republicans, but we here all agree that Sen. Barack Obama is the correct choice when it comes to electing the next president.  It has been no easy task, but we have looked over almost all the political data and have made that conclusion.  Just to clarify, Barack Obama will NOT raise your taxes, unless you make $250,000 a year or more.  And if you are a senior citizen, on a fixed income of 50,000 a year or less, you will pay no income tax at all.

To McCain supporters i must ask for the source of their information.  If, like may do, you tell me “The adds on T.V.” then i will have to laugh in your face.  Those adds may be convenient but most are untrue.  Some adds relieved by the McCain say that Barack Obama voted to raise taxes, but what they don’t say is that John McCain voted the same way.  Other adds may say that Barack voted to give sex education to kindergartners, what it doesn’t say is that he voted for “age appropriate education”, in the case of kindergartners, that means education on how to keep from being kidnapped and identify people ho want to hurt you.

These are just a few examples of how John McCain twists things to make people look bad.  Now in no way am i saying that John McCain is not a respectable man, he is, i am just saying that given the current situation, we need a president that has a plan for change.

That is just a few of the reasons why i am asking you all to support Barack Obama.  For a full list of his ideas and polices you can view a copy of “The Blueprint For Change” at

Thank you all for all you are doing, please keep coming back for more updates about the ParkCast.

Because of the little to no feedback, over the past few months, we don’t know if/how many people read these posts, and listen to the ParkCast.  If you could, please send us an email at, telling us how long you have been a ParkCast fan, and how long you have been reading the posts on the site.  Let me reassure you that we do work very hard on the updates we bring you, and this is just a way of letting us know how many of you actually give a shit.

Thanks allot, your all pimpin-liscious!

No offense to jack but this is kinda his fault.  To make a long story short, we took him off the air and gave him a job in marketing, we thought he couldn’t screw it up, but he did.  A few weeks after he was assigned the task of getting a fundraiser together, to fund the Halloween Party, i came back and asked him where the plan was, he told me that he was almost finished and we would have it soon.  Another week passed and again i asked him and got the same reply.  Now, three weeks from the date the fundraiser was to be held i still have no plan and tomorrow (the 15th) was the set deadline for the money to be in.  Because it is inevitable that Jack won’t be able to pull $800 bucks out of his ass, i guess there will be no party.

Instead of a party, i was thinking about a live video podcast.  I haven’t run it by Naaim yet so don’t get your hopes up, but if we decide to do it, the time and website will be posted here on!

Thanks for listening!

-Gregory Phillips (aka gesschief)