Boo hoo hoo! Another hiatus! Crybabies. I know we just had an Olympic hiatus, but I have a life too! Anyways, as many of you may know, I’m Muslim, and therefore take part in the holy month of Ramadan (pronounced Ruh-muh-dahn or Rah-mah-dahn) and therefore, my mom doesn’t like me using the computer much and especially not doing sinful things like cursing constantly on a podcast or watching T.V. Shows that curse constantly. Therefore, we will release one or two episodes until October 6, when Ramadan will definitely be over and we’ll be able to record another week’s worth of episodes! October 6 will see the release of Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut, so expect Tom’s Rhinoplasty and Mecha-Streisand in the time between now and then!

Stay Classy, Planet Earth