No offense to jack but this is kinda his fault.  To make a long story short, we took him off the air and gave him a job in marketing, we thought he couldn’t screw it up, but he did.  A few weeks after he was assigned the task of getting a fundraiser together, to fund the Halloween Party, i came back and asked him where the plan was, he told me that he was almost finished and we would have it soon.  Another week passed and again i asked him and got the same reply.  Now, three weeks from the date the fundraiser was to be held i still have no plan and tomorrow (the 15th) was the set deadline for the money to be in.  Because it is inevitable that Jack won’t be able to pull $800 bucks out of his ass, i guess there will be no party.

Instead of a party, i was thinking about a live video podcast.  I haven’t run it by Naaim yet so don’t get your hopes up, but if we decide to do it, the time and website will be posted here on!

Thanks for listening!

-Gregory Phillips (aka gesschief)