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The live videocast will take place tonight, Bar technical difficulties. Be sure to join us at around 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM EST, 11:30 PM UST/GMT. Details in Live Feed Section


Breast Cancer Show Ever

New Episode! You all watched it! Now listen to it! ParkCast 176!

Due to Technical Difficulties, I can’t get the episode uploaded, so it will be released tomorrow.

The China Probrem

Semi-end of Hiatus! Episode 175 for the new episode of South Park that came out on Wednesday! Check it out!

Stay Classy, Planet Earth

Soooooo…. remember that hiatus? Yeah, it’s going to go on until we can get the next few episodes recorded and until my grades get up. Sorry guys. 😦

On a lighter note, before we start up, we will be holding auditions for a new co-host to replace Jack until we can find someone nearby. So, send your audition mp3’s to and we’ll get back to you if we want you to be on the ParkCast.

You stay classy, Planet Earth.

Boo hoo hoo! Another hiatus! Crybabies. I know we just had an Olympic hiatus, but I have a life too! Anyways, as many of you may know, I’m Muslim, and therefore take part in the holy month of Ramadan (pronounced Ruh-muh-dahn or Rah-mah-dahn) and therefore, my mom doesn’t like me using the computer much and especially not doing sinful things like cursing constantly on a podcast or watching T.V. Shows that curse constantly. Therefore, we will release one or two episodes until October 6, when Ramadan will definitely be over and we’ll be able to record another week’s worth of episodes! October 6 will see the release of Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty Slut, so expect Tom’s Rhinoplasty and Mecha-Streisand in the time between now and then!

Stay Classy, Planet Earth

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Here it is! The big surprise! One of our favorite episodes, Make Love, Not Warcraft!

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Stay Classy, Planet Earth!


Damien, Coole Decade Episode! No Jack! Check it out!

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Episode 9 featuring Mr. Hankey and Mr. Mackey! Hidey-Ho and Merry Christmas!

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Starvin’ Marvin

Episode 8 was awesome! and it was on my computer! (Sorry again for 7!) And don’t worry, 9 and 10 are on my computer and the surprise episode! So stick tuned!

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