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The China Probrem

Semi-end of Hiatus! Episode 175 for the new episode of South Park that came out on Wednesday! Check it out!

Stay Classy, Planet Earth


Make Love, Not Warcraft

Here it is! The big surprise! One of our favorite episodes, Make Love, Not Warcraft!

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Stay Classy, Planet Earth!


Damien, Coole Decade Episode! No Jack! Check it out!

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo

Episode 9 featuring Mr. Hankey and Mr. Mackey! Hidey-Ho and Merry Christmas!

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Starvin’ Marvin

Episode 8 was awesome! and it was on my computer! (Sorry again for 7!) And don’t worry, 9 and 10 are on my computer and the surprise episode! So stick tuned!

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Death, an awesome episode and the first out of the hiatus!

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An Elephant F*cks a Pig

Episode 5, originally released as An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig, even though the creators wanted it to be “An Elephant F*cks a Pig, which it was on the DVD release.

Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride

Hear us talk about the fourth episodee of South Park! I’m feeling Thuper!


Listen to us talk about one of our (okay, my) favorite Episodes! Volcano! yay!

Weight Gain 4000

Well, we are back with Episode 2 for you with your morning coffee and some Weight Gain 4000! Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!! Enjoy!